Okay, okay…I started a blog!

I resisted starting a blog for a long time. I mean, really, does the world need another blog? Aren’t there enough voices ringing out in the ingeniously-named blogosphere? (and who decided it was a sphere? Why isn’t it the blogocube or the blogododecahedron?) Do I think that I am unique enough or interesting enough that it is worth it to spend the time and energy to write about life and everything that goes with it? I mean, I write notes on facebook and send status updates and all that jazz; isn’t that enough?

More importantly, is this a good use of my time? Will Laura freak out that I am adding another task every week? (under the assumption that I will blog on a regular basis…not necessarily a great assumption) Will this impact my ability to waste time playing Bejeweled on facebook? Will it make enough of a difference to justify the investment? And, yeah, the big one…will it honor God or waste my time and thereby dishonor Him?

In the end, I decided that I needed to go for it. My motivation is my friend Christie and her very funny and also poignant blog on being a mom and wife and Christian. I am also challenged regularly by a couple of theological blogs that I read (namely Michael Spencer’s Internet Monk, Michael Patton’s Parchment and Pen and the excellent writing of Kent DelHousaye).

So here we are…a blog that will touch on a lot. I pastor a great church in Glendale, AZ; I teach part time at a Christian college; I study Ed Parker American Kenpo; I enjoy firearms; I have an amazing wife who is a doula and a homeschooling mom; I have four fantastic kids from 3-12. I have a goofy view on life because I like to laugh and try REALLY hard not to take myself too seriously. I hope to bring to light important issues I am facing, funny stories I live through, and hopefully thoughtful interaction with the issues of the day. For instance, the CA Supreme Court decision that will come down today…yeah, that will be a live grenade!

Thanks for taking the journey with me. My prayer is that this blog may help you build a biblical framework for living in a crazy world. 🙂


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