Letting off some steam

So three times in the last two to three weeks burglars have tried to burglarize our church. They tried to steal our church trailer, break into our shed with the yard tools in it, and this last week they broke into our worship building. All three times the alarm scared them off, so nothing was taken. We’ve maybe lost $60-80 in locks. But that gets annoying after awhile, so I thought I would address our would-be thieves and give them some advice.
church sign thieves
What do you think? Was my point made?
This post also hits on the purpose and propriety of church signs. We use ours to make people who drive by think, laugh, and question. I try to make it funny on occasion so that people get the idea we are not too serious about ourselves, thoughtful on occasion so people can think on their drive to work, and informative so the community knows who we are. The funny ones are the ones I like best though. This one lets me blow off some steam from the attempted burglaries and make people laugh at the same time.

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