October Links

Here are some of the more interesting, intriguing, thoughtful, or just plain funny items on teh intertubes this month. Last month’s links can be found here.

This is a pretty large list of links, but it has been a busy month of interesting stuff! I love it when friends share articles and videos with me that make me think or laugh, so I want to pass along the joy for anyone else. Enjoy wasting an hour laughing, thinking, and being challenged.

Theological/biblical stuff:

This is a HUGE movement from the Roman Catholic Church. The thing that is largest is allowing Episcopalians who come back into communion to bring their priest with them, even if he is married.

This is a great discussion on how to reconcile the biblical witness on marriage with the culture we live in today. If there is one issue that has cost me more strife and more anger as a pastor than any other, it is weddings (specifically who will I officiate for and who I will not) and issues like the one Michael addresses here.

A great article on the balance between academics and practical pastoral care.

My favorite iMonk post this month. We must remember to keep the main thing the main thing.

Loved this video. It was given at a TD Jakes conference. He brings the house down.

Economics, family, and political stuff:

Churches are feeling the economic pinch. This is a good reminder to me to make sure that I am supporting my church financially.

This cartoon was made in 1948…scary. How far we have come!

A fascinating article concerning economics in National Affairs magazine. Check out the applications of the study and see if you come to the same conclusion I did: “Well, duh!”

Don’t forget to report bribes and drug money on your taxes. And remember, the IRS knows everything. (Santa Claus works for them apparently)

The unintended consequences of “Cash For Clunkers.” Who would have thought that there would be a “hangover” from the bailout, and that the small used car dealers would be affected the most?

A great article in Wired magazine on parents talking to their kids…about math and science. It’s easier for parents to talk to their kids about drugs than about science and math because they feel incompetent in science and math. Wait, does that mean they feel competent in drugs?

This should be posted everywhere as a deterrent to crime.

An excellent op-ed piece that touches on how each part of the Bill of Rights affects the others. Whatever side of this debate you’re on, it’s worth noting that infringing on one area impacts others.

Looks like the stem cell debate may be won on practical rather than ethical grounds. Economics says we go with what works!

I can’t believe that the Governator had this much guts. (CAUTION: there is a bad word…the mother of all bad words in fact) This could be posted in the “just plain funny” section in my opinion. I don’t agree with everything Schwartzenegger does, but this is hilarious.

Encouraging stuff:

If Tara Reed doesn’t challenge your idea of what it means to trust God, you’re not trying. This was the first post in her series as she recovers in Romania from a long fall. Click the next post on the bottom of this post and read through the next several. Incredible reading. This is what happened to her from a witnesses’ perspective. (you might want to start there)

An amazing video on kids emulation of parents. Hopefully you can see it; I only found it on facebook.

Why are these only rules for traveling? Shouldn’t they be general rules for all the time?

Just plain funny stuff:

One gutsy little bird. Hang on for dear life little buddy!

(I already posted this video on a blog post, but it’s worth seeing again) We all need more fun in life, right?

Om nom nom nom.

Good Samaritan for the win! I wonder if the robber told all his peeps in jail what really happened.

The greatest worship song of all time! Watch at your own risk, I promise you that you will sing this song for a week if you do. I am trying to convince our worship pastor to add this to our repertoire.

If you’ve seen anything amazing on the ‘net, send me a link and if it’s awesome I will include it in the next links post!

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