December Links

The last links of the “aughts“! (Laura thinks I am weird for using that terminology; I am weird, but not because of that terminology)  These are the funny, thought-provoking, interesting, or complete wastes of time.  Or they might be a combination of any of the above.  At any rate, hopefully they will give you a chuckle or make you think as you head into 2010.  Happy New Year!

Practical Tips for developing accountability/mentoring relationships.   These kinds of relationships are critical for walking with Christ.
Michael Patton’s take on prioritizing.  Great thoughts on what comes first in life, and probably not what you’d expect from a theology teacher.
How Christmas came to be celebrated on December 25th.  Good stuff and interesting reading (i.e. not stuffy and boring).  Biblical archaeology can be very helpful!
A great article on the effect of the prosperity gospel on the economic collapse. I have some theological questions on the author’s definitions in the article, but it is a thought-provoking piece.
Is you focus on being successful or being faithful? A great, honest, heartfelt outpouring of emotion. (to paraphrase my good friend Michael)
We have it way easy in America.  ‘Nuff said.

Hard Fathers, Soft Sons.  This is a very thought-provoking article on fatherhood.  It has made me really re-think my approach with my son (and daughters too!).
A Heartwarming Story.  Praise God for families like this!

Top Ten Urban Legends of 09.  I get asked about #7 all the time.

Wedding Gift FAIL.  I took this at Wal Mart a couple of weeks ago.
Caroling Chins!  Enter a Christmas Carol and they will sing it to you.  Enter a non-Christmas song for a chuckle.

And I never thought that anyone got me singing on tape:

The worst beat-boxer in history.  Isn’t Run-DMC looking for a rapper?  Laura found a link to him singing “5 octaves,” which makes her laugh so much that I have to put it here too:

Miscellaneous Interesting stuff I read this month:
A story on Wired about diploma mills.  The passion for this topic displayed by a particle physics professor is awesome and a good reminder that anyone can make a difference.
An argument in support of the 2nd Amendment from the unlikeliest source.  I NEVER would have expected this from the Daily Kos!
Prosthetic arms that can do all kinds of tasks. I am a geek and this stuff fascinates me.

Here is to a great 2010!

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