I realized recently how long it has been since I put up a links post.  For some that might be a cause for celebration but hey, it’s my blog so deal with it.  Here are some of the funnier, more thoughtful, interesting, or weirder posts in recent memory that I have run across:

New Blogs or sites I follow:

Come on over and check out the Free Grace Alliance blog.  I am an FGA executive council member and organize and coordinate the FGA blog as well.  Come by and say hello!

Cato @ Liberty is an interesting political site.  Now you know where I stand. (if you didn’t already!)

Interesting Biblical Stuff:

When Jon Acuff rocks a Serious Wednesday post, he really rocks it.  Starts funny but finishes with a great message.

What if Mary and Joseph had Facebook?  Check out this really thoughtful and well-done video describing the birth of Jesus over Facebook.

I would rather be a great pastor than a great preacher.  Though truth be told, great preaching is important for every pastor.

This is a great post from Rachel Held Evans on entitlement at Christmas.

Mall ninajs of PRAISE!

Biblical and funny at the same time: churching up the house for the pastor to visit.  Do people really do this?

Thought-Provoking Items:

Yay Capitalism!  Well written discussion on Thanksgiving and what saved Jamestown.

Wow.  This video isn’t easy to watch but it is must-see.  As someone who has been affected by drinking and driving it hits home.  Careful with the kids on this one.

The effect of a generation of men raised by women.  I thank God for the many good men in my life.

Be aware of childhood stroke!  This month’s hero is a student I help mentor at our kenpo studio.  Brandon is a great kid.

Never forget.  December 7, 1941, the day that will live on in infamy.  An excellent collection of photos and some amazing stories as well.  On a related note, click through and then take a moment and ask God to bless those who sleep in the field tonight so that we can be free.

No I am not joking.  You need a 72-hour kit.  Here are mistakes most people make with theirs.

Funny, Cool, and/or Ridiculous:

Super-cool pics.  I am not nearly that creative.  More cool pics from National Geographic.

How could the duel scene in The Princess Bride get better?  Simple: light sabers.

This is just funny.

I love the contented sigh of this toddler drinking from a garden hose.  Go watch it.

Bad day in 3…2…1…

Coolest.  Truck.  EVER.

Dogs don’t like moving.  Hyperbole and a half has some language, so approach knowingly.  Her wit and cartoon skills are hilarious though!!  This post is really funny about her dogs reaction to moving.

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