February Links

For February, here the thought-provoking, interesting, biblical, or just plain goofy links for the month.  Just FYI, these are gathered from my perusing of the internet, from blogs I read, from what friends on Facebook find and post that I think are interesting, and from what gets sent to me by others who look for the good, the bad, and the ugly (but SFW) on teh intarwebz.

So if you have some time, enjoy sifting through some of the best stuff I have seen over the past month or so.

Interesting Biblical Stuff

Shock of all shocks, Rob Bell has ignited a firestorm with his upcoming book.  For a strong counterpoint to that link from Justin Taylor, Rachel Held Evans has a VERY different take on the issue.  Last I looked, Taylor’s post had north of 1,100 comments on it.  Naturally, we will all have to wait and see what the book actually SAYS.  But frankly, that video scares me not because of the questions asked (I think the questions are legit) but because the way they are asked certainly leads the viewer to think that Bell will argue for universalism.  That is leaving historic, orthodox Christianity and that is sad and scary for the 60,000 people a week who listen to him.  There is more to come on this one I am sure.

This is a beautiful post from Michael Patton about how much a few small words meant to him as a boy.  We need this reminder of how we speak of others.

Everyone who goes to church needs a good reminder from time to time about what we look like to visitors.

Go read this great WSJ article about business to the glory of God.  ABF will definitely be digging into vocation in the near future.

Relevant Magazine asks, What’s the Point of Marriage? It’s a great question…


A realistic guide to love.  There are lots of great tidbits in there.

It always pays to have class.  General Chiarelli, we salute your graciousness, sir!  Here is a different story about having class and being a Good Samaritan that should make us all remember how to act.

It never ceases to amaze me how sexualized young girls are becoming.  And this is not in spite of their parents, but BY their parents! /facepalm

The last surviving soldier of WWI passed away today. Farewell Frank Buckles; thank you for your sacrifice Doughboy.  We are losing WWII vets at around 1,000 a day right now, so take the time while you still have it to thank the WWII vets in your life.

Funny, Cool, or Ridiculous

This video made me laugh SO hard…

You’ll like this alot. And if you haven’t heard of Hyperbole and a Half, the link to the original idea is here. (Fair warning: Allie can use bad words…)

Best. Super Bowl. Commercial. EVER.

I love Top Gear, and the BBC version is hilarious.  I have always wanted to do this to a Prius…

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