May Links

For May, here the thought-provoking, interesting, biblical, or just plain goofy links for the month.  Just FYI, these are gathered from my perusing of the internet, from blogs I read, from what friends on Facebook find and post that I think are interesting, and from what gets sent to me by others who look for the good, the bad, and the ugly (but SFW) on teh intarwebz.

So if you have some time, enjoy sifting through some of the best stuff I have seen over the past month or so.

New Blog to Follow:

Please follow Chad and Kortney Bannick’s blog.  They are missionaries in Rwanda and good friends.  Their latest post on a boy named Theoneste really made me think of Luke 9:48.  Pray for Chad and Kortney, and for Theoneste and his dad.

Interesting Biblical Stuff:

In essentials, unity.  In non-essentials, liberty. In all things, charity.

This is a great post from Bill Mounce about spiritual giftedness.  Hearing a noted scholar talk about this type of devotional issue is refreshing.

Jesus didn’t come back on the 21st.  I am shocked. (/sarcasm)  So now what?


AoM has a great post about motivation from the Band of Brothers.  The men of Easy Company are amazing.

I would love your thoughts on having a league that allows PEDs.

Deputy Bass Reeves is a manly man based only on his moustache.  But his story is quite inspirational, too.

Funny, Cool, or Ridiculous:

Oooooh YEEEAAAAHHHH!  RIP Macho Man.  Just watching Mean Gene Okerlund trying to corral Randy Savage in this interview is worth it.

This man uses echolocation.  That is a cool trick!!

Fair warning: Hyperbole and a Half has some posts that are NSFW and NSFK.  This one, though, is absolutely hilarious and clean.  And it reminds me of our family dog from my childhood.

These pics from the Library of Congress are really cool.  What a neat snapshot collection of the Great Depression.

There is no question about why women live longer than men.

I made this change in grading in my classes this summer.  So far, so good!

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