A Dose of Courage

Laura and I went to see the movie “Courageous” on Sunday with some of our best friends.  Here’s the trailer.

All I have to say is wow.  Alex and Stephen Kendrick did a great job on this movie.  It is quite apparent that with all the money they made on “Fireproof,” the directors took some of it and bought the cast some acting lessons! Smile Laura and I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and quite literally gave it an ovation at the end.

At its’ heart, “Courageous” is a movie about 4 guys (3 of them cops in a small southern town) trying to figure out how to be good dads and honor God in the process.  It isn’t smarmy or too cliché, but the message comes through loud and clear.

The Good:

This movie is filled with good.  The  main characters honor God.  They strive after Him and clearly, the theme is that fatherhood is vitally important in the lives of our children.  I teared up several times.  The moral message is pitch perfect.

I also really liked that the movie didn’t hit the “Jesus angle” too hard or too directly, though the Gospel was pretty clearly presented in the course of the movie.  I would feel quite comfortable bringing friends who aren’t Christians to it, and it is a must for church men’s groups for sure.

I also loved the humor.  This movie was a bit of a tear jerker, and it would have been tough to watch without some humor.  The humor in this movie is just amazing.  It’s not, “Ha ha” funny in places; it’s “holy cow that is stinkin’ hilarious” funny in all the right places.  The laughter breaks up the serious message just enough that you don’t feel like you’re being browbeaten, and that is very helpful in this movie.

I love the way that this movie deals with tragedy and grief.  The pastor gives some of the best advice that I have ever heard on screen to a grieving man, and that came through loud and clear.

The Bad:

Really, it’s hard to nitpick.  As a gun nut firearms instructor I thought that their portrayal of tactics was suspect, but my friend who is a policeman told me that it was pretty accurate for rural forces in the south.  Okay, but I would have filmed the sequences of police work differently.  It didn’t ruin the movie, but it made me shake my head a little.

I guess I also felt like all the loose ends were tied up a little too conveniently and neatly at the end.  Everything worked out great, even though (without spoiling it) there is one letdown.  That said, God wins and the dudes love their sons and all is well.  It’s a bit tidy.

The Verdict:

Go see this movie.  You will be glad you did.  It was well written, well acted, and fun to watch.  It made me want to be a better dad.  It was a great date with my wife, and I think that every church in America should promote it!

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