Israel Post 2: Decompression

We got home from Israel this morning after 18 hours in a plane.  I am wiped out! To say that the trip was mind-blowing and life-altering is not really to do it justice.  The trip was the trip of a lifetime; just to stand in the synagogue in Capernaum where Jesus undoubtedly worshiped and taught, to look at Nehemiah’s wall and to stand on the Mount of Olives and take a boat out on the Sea of Galilee are experiences that every pastor and every believer should try to have.


I will post thoughts and interesting tidbits from each place that we visited.  I have 1200 pictures and 150 videos to wade through, upload, and then process.  Please bear with me as I do.


IMG_20120224_034523All in all, I have a great respect now for why Israel is called “the Promised Land” in Scripture. The fields were so green, and the produce is ridiculous in the marketplace! Laura made me take a picture of her hand next to some celery just to see what it was like.  It seems like every other vendor had a huge pomegranate press, squeezing fresh pomegranate juice for people in the souq. The land produces a bountiful harvest; it is truly the land of milk and honey!


The people of Israel are also amazingly welcoming. There is a mishmash of cultures, with “traditional” Jewish predominating, but ultra-orthodox Jewish culture and Muslim and Arab Christian and even Baha’i all playing a part.  There are parts of Israel that are ultra-modern and some that are blasts from the past.


Laura and I have come home changed.  I am trying to put it all together and get some perspective, and ABF will definitely play a major role in that.


Thanks for praying for us as we  were away!


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